Price Guide

phoneHorizon is a complete communications service that introduces an easy to use web portal to access all your telephony systems. The service allows you, as the the administrator, to easily manage all your networked devices in one place, creating a unique and efficient,  productive environment.

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No of Phones (One Off Charges) Cost
Set up 1-10 100.00
Set up 11-20 200.00
Set up 20-50 400.00
Cisco Executive (per phone) 65.00
Cisco Power Supply (per phone if no POE switch) 10.00



Feature Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Cost 12.95pcm 14.95pcm 19.95pcm
Voicemail Free Free Free
Auto Attendant Free Free Free
Music on Hold Free Free Free
Licence Free Free Free
Maintenance Free Free Free
Fraud Protection 1.00 1.00 Free
Local/ National Calls .005p per minute Free Free
UK Mobile .0299p per minute .0299p per minute Free (Not Non Geo Numbers or INT)